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From my teens up until now the creative languages of art have been closely interwoven into the fabric of my lifestyle.  Growing up in a very racist environment in Belgium, art formed a base line of expression throughout my puberty. Dabbling in various disciplines since my graduation from art school. Ranging from sculpturing, graphics, graffiti, paintings, poetry and more...

"Only art has the mysterious quality to unravel the inexpressible" _ Nsongo


Spoken word



Nsongo Mfumu  A Kanda  is a visual artist with a neo expressionistic edge. Colourful, playful it may seem, but the deeper layers of his work do not avoid critical issue's such an social injustice, child labour and political corruption. 
Native Congolese (DRC)  who resides in Belgium, he has lived in 6 different countries and travelled over 40 countries before he turned 30.

All while having an on-and-off love affair with the visual arts & poetry. Leaving footprints in places like Kingston Jamaica, Cape Town,  Jonacatepec and more.




“Uncategorizable elements of life”

In 2013 Nsongo was diagnosed with cancer in the gallbladder. He recovered from the removal of a tumor after a year of operations and welcomed his 3rd son. The recovery process was long and hard but it triggered him to start painting again after a few years of silence. Paintings he would define as “uncategorizable elements of life”.

“Our mind tends to compartmentalize and categorize everything we encounter. We have a box for money, joy, holidays, politics, friends, work etc. But we all face elements in life which can’t be boxed in...Things we can’t understand, define nor explain.

So instead of trying to categorize these elements, we can try to express them through art forms.

At the time I painted “the scream of the voiceless” I was trying to make sense of the physical pain, the mental strain and complexity of the human soul. After having learned how to walk again, I couldn’t pick up my newborn son. Caught between the intense joy of a new life and perplexity of a straining physical illness. “

Fully recovered now, he still paints and writes poetry along these lines.

“I like the paintings you showed at the exhibition in de Doelen in Rotterdam”


" The scream seemed to be leaping of the canvas"
" Nice work, I took some pics at the exhibition at spoken world in Holland" 







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